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Front end developer

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your roleare you excited about the opportunity to build user interfaces used by some of the biggest corporations in the world do you like knowing that the changes that you deploy to production will improve the customer experience of many users worldwide do you like both the exciting fastpaced environment that leads to growth for both you and the company you work for winclap is looking for a senior ui engineer to join the our team winclap is responsible for building a cutting edge marketing ai driven application as a member of the team you will be working on a cutting edge ui and will be able to see clear outcomes and enhance customer experiences for some of the largest organizations on the planet as a result of your daytoday work your opportunity* collaborate work within a collaborative and supportive team as well as crossfunctionally with other developers designers product owners and various winclap teams to accomplish shared goals* advocate promote clear and simple software design while actively driving the team toward better practices and solutions in areas such as security reliability testability and maintainability* innovate drive innovation by contributing new ideas for our processes tools and technologies* mentor coach and mentor midlevel and junior staff in the design implementation and execution of highly technical development projectswhat you’ll need* experience architecting and building highly interactive user interfaces* 5+ years developing in languages such as browserside javascript and frontend frameworks* experience with the latest frontend frameworks and technologies such as react * experience debugging clientside performance issues* familiarity with unit and end to end testing for jsreact* ability to communicate and collaborate with other engineers and crossfunctional team members* understanding of ui design and ux principlesand ideally* experience with working in a microservice architecture* experience with restful api design

Winclap is the Marketing Saas for Pricing Analysis and Marketing Execution We work very closely with our clients encouraging them to empower their whole growth strategy across their different media channels...


  • Vacantes: 1
  • Modalidad: FULL TIME
  • Turno: Diurno
  • Genero:
  • Eduación mínima: Sin Definir
  • Experiencia requerida: Si
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Edad: 18 - 50 Años
  • Disponibilidad para viajar: No
  • Programa de empleo: No aplica